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Sell A Tampa Bay, Central FL Business

Trinity Town Center

Pre-View & FINAL DAY for Registration & Deposit
Thursday October 27th 10am-2pm

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SERVING THE GREATER TAMPA BAY AREA: Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, Pasco, Manatee and Sarasota Counties.
Skyway Bridge Tampa Bay, FL
When we work with our Tampa Bay/West Central Florida business buyers and sellers, everyone understands the process from start to finish. It should not be an intimidating or confusing process for anyone involved.

We are able to walk both first time business buyers and experienced business owners through the entire sales procedure before we list a business for sale or begin looking for a business to purchase.
We don't need industry buzz words and confusing acronyms to make us sound like “professional” business brokers. It does not take a lot of letters after your name to be successful at business.

What it takes is the commitment that you are ready to either buy or sell a business, be informed about the sale and subsequently understand how to operate that business profitably.
We can help you accomplish all of these things, and more, with other business services in addition to Business Brokerage, including:

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Pre and post Business Consulting
From the first consideration of buying an existing business to taking the keys and becoming the owner and operator, we are here to help you in all aspects of

Commercial Property
Brokerage and Business
  • Business Brokerage
  • Commercial Property Brokerage
  • Business Consulting (Pre and Post Purchase)
Property and Equipment Auctions (in association with Harris Auctions, LLC {AB2873})
Hard business assets (business machinery & equipment) periodically become available at attractive prices for a number of reasons

  • Company Bankruptcy
  • Forced Tax Debt Liquidations By The Federal and State Governments
  • Estate Liquidations
  • Partnership Disolutions - One Partner Liquidates Assets
  • Owner Closes Doors & Liquidates Business (no sale)
  • Business Machinery & Equipment Surplus Selloff
  • Commercial & Residential Property Liquidations

"Can you assist me with financing?" The answer is yes!
The current credit crunch is a direct result of unwise and unsecured loaning practices, mainly in the sub-prime market, but reaching all the way to the top.

The climate it has created is panic and knee jerk over-caution that can inhibit business sales for lack of financing. We work with banks, the Small Business Administration and other lenders to help with financial pre qualifiction for both buyers and sellers.


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